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One Source of Information

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All your work in ONE place

Project Management

Projects, Tasks, Resources

Workflow and Process

Workflows, Processes and Orders

Document & Content Management

Files, Content, XML, Translation and more...

CMS, WebSite, Online Shop

Web Sites Made Easy

More than 20 years experience

Created and upgraded by Certified Developers since 2003

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Workflow, Processes & Orders Management

Projects, Tasks & Resources

Document & Content Management!

Translation, Multi-language & Localization ready!


You deserve the best only

Given the wide geographic scope and multiplicity of organizations, the existence of an integrated information system that helps in managing different fields of the organisation information and processes is essential.

Using the experience gained from continuing presence in various projects, we have designed SornaOne that helps our clients to manage their data and monitor the progress of their processes and execute them at high-performance scheduled time and budget.

SornaOne is a central system for managing most of the processes and flows in a company. It includes many features and is built based on modules and hence it is easy to add new modules or update existing ones.

Instead of many different stand-alone applications, applications can be centralized and unified as Modules or Services (One Source of Information).

SornaOne can be used to unify and centralize all processes and data/content creation.

Why use SornaOne?

  • One Source of Information
  • Modules/Services instead of stand-alone applications
  • Improves the quality of data/content
  • Better and accurate results in time
  • Streamlines all flows and processes
  • Reduces the cost of projects

The product SornaOne helped us to have full control of internal orders. With its efficient workflow and process management functionality, we could follow the whole cycle from order to delivery.

Project manager
Large automotive company

SornaOne Modules

One Source of Information


One Source of Information

  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Content Management
  • Workflow & Process Management
  • Entity Management
  • Terminology & Phrases
  • Translation / Localization
  • Custom Modules

Sites & Portals

Sites Made Easy

  • CMS
  • Website
  • Online Shop
  • Online Booking System


Satisfied and Returning Customers

  • Workshop System
  • Automated Online & Printed Catalogues
  • Menu Pricing - SERVICE & REPAIR
  • User Guides
  • Fact Sheets
  • Automated marketing material
  • Product Information , Sales, Tenders


Contact us today and let us meet online or in person to discuss your current or next project.

SornaOne Project Management

Plan and achieve your project goals


Gantt charts

Kanban Boards




Expenses Management

Risk management

Budget & Estimations


Project related files.





Statistics & Reports

Book a Demo

Let's discuss how SornaOne can streamline your organisation's processes.

SornaOne Document & Content Management

Clean up and structure your Docuemnts and Content



Permissions / Protection

User and Role based access.


Re-use of data and translations.

Web based Editor

Automatic Document (Book / Bundle) Creation

Document Management

Check out / Check in, Versioning, Track changes, Comments, Collaboration...

Template Management

Documents Templates, XML/XSD Schemas.

Version Management

Terminology and Phrases

Translation & Localization Management

Publish Management

Document workflow

Link to a workflow and follow the progress.

History and logs

Access the whole lifecycle of the document and track changes.

Advanced Search

Your current Workflow

Let's discuss how SornaOne can streamline your organisation's workflows and processes.

SornaOne Workflow & Process Management

Full control of your processes

Unlimited workflows

Create customized flows for any area in your organisation and follow the process.


Link flows to projects and processes/orders/products/documents.

ISO certification

By structuring and streamlining your processes, SornaOne help you on the way to get ISO Certifications.


Plan Delivery and Budget

Helps calculate delivery and finish date which also helps the budget planning.


Link roles to each step. As soon as the step is active, assigned resources will get notified.

Process controlling

Have full control of the processes and find bottlenecks.

Automatic task creation

SornaOne creates tasks and links resources to tasks as soon as a process is started. These tasks can then be followed in the Kanban boards or Gantt charts views.

Timeline and History

Process timeline and history. Track the progress and who did what and when.

You deserve the best only!

Contact us today and let us meet online or in person to discuss your current or next project.

SornaOne Entity Management

Streamline the management of all your Products and Services

Unlimited Entity types

You can work with any type of entity in SornaOne.

Dynamic & Flexible

New entities can be added and existing ones can be modified and configured quickly.

Automatic workflow

All entities in SornaOne are automatically linked to a workflow, if required, hence full control is achieved on the process for that entity.

Product Management

Material Management

Service Management

Asset Management

Clients & Suppliers Management

Custom entities

Any other custom entity for your organisation's specific needs can be added and confirgured quickly.

SornaOne Sites & Portal Management

Web sites made easy

Link backend and public portal

Work with entities in the backend and when ready, publish to the public site.

Portal Content Management - CMS

Full control of the content in your portal.

Online shop

Products, Services, Customers, Catalogues, Prices and discounts, Orders, Payment (Invoice or Card)...

Intranet or Internet

Online Booking System

Multi Language

SornaOne Aftermarket

Satisfied and Returning Customers

Workshop System

Online and Printed Catalogues

Menu Pricing - Service & Repair Packages

User Guides

Fact Sheets

Sales material


Price Lists

Multi Language

Reference Projects

Why choose SornaOne?

Why choose us

“With more than 20 years’ experience, we have extensive knowledge in IT solutions that will help companies and businesses to focus on their core genius and gain efficiency in their daily processes so they can raise the quality of their core business.”

Certified Professionals

Our experts are certified and has an extensive knowledge in their field.


Flexibility and Scalability




Future proof

Some of the Clients we've worked for

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